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    Why is it important to work on designing mobile applications for Android and iPhone?

    Now with smart phones being an integral part of our lives, designing smart phone applications is the key to success for any business, there are thousands of companies that design applications and upload them to the application store for iPhone and Android, and there are a lot of new mobile applications available for download every day, where People are looking to download a popular and innovative mobile app to help them find products and services, make purchases, or even connect with friends.

    Therefore, it is very important to search for the best mobile application design company that works to create a commercial application and design mobile applications for Android and iPhone that have professional, fast and easy-to-use features that help you grow your customer base by targeting a larger audience, as creating a mobile application ensures that you achieve more revenue, Designing a mobile software will also help you beat your competitors who don’t use mobile apps.

    Do you have a great mobile app idea?

    We at Sohoby Company, the best mobile application design company in Riyadh, can achieve your goals by designing Android and iOS applications, as we work to turn ideas into reality. If you want to know the prices and cost of creating and developing an application or obtaining services for designing and programming your mobile application, we will provide you with a free consultation.

    Are you looking for an application developer who works on programming and designing Android and iOS applications?

    Sohoby - The best and most powerful smart phone application programming company in Riyadh - It has a professional team of application programmers working to provide an integrated set of features for designing mobile applications:

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    Design iPhone and Android applications with a creative screen that impresses everyone!

    Designing and programming iPhone and Android applications is something that can be used to make your content and services accessible to your audience

    People want their app screen design to be attractive and easy to use, the best way to do that is to make sure that you design professional mobile app interfaces.

    You want people to be able to use it seamlessly on the go, so keep your mobile app design simple and focused on it.

    Smart device users tend to use attractive and easy-to-navigate screens. The best way to do this is to make sure you design a professional and flexible application interface.

    Your iPhone and Android app design should be attractive, professional, and not only look good, but also represent the value of your company.

    It is a good idea to design a creative and organized mobile application to achieve maximum impact on your target audience. Professionally designing mobile applications will have a positive impact on the success of your company.

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    We have a professional team of Apple iOS developers in Saudi Arabia

    Designing apps for Apple smartphones is not easy. There are some restrictions and guidelines that must be followed when designing and programming smart phone applications. And here you must get the support of a professional iOS developer to ensure the design of professional mobile applications for Apple devices

    Our application developers have high experience in programming and developing smart device applications for various fields. They have the knowledge and experience to develop your iPhone app and the features you need. We can design your mobile application to be integrated with your existing business

    Your app will keep pace with the age of tablets. Our app developers are also adept at developing and designing apps that run on iPad. We'll make sure your app is compatible with all smartphones, including the latest tablets from Apple.

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    We can program Android applications for you that work well with Google

    We have a team of professional Android app developers who are experienced in designing android apps. Our team will be there to work with you from start to finish

    We'll take care of every aspect of programming your Android app, from requirements gathering through Android app design to app release and post-launch technical support. You do not have to worry about who will build and design your Android application, we are here for you, we can design a professional program for Android that serves your interests and achieves your goals.

    Our team of experts focus on developing the best Android games in the market. Our developers are known to be innovative, hardworking and full of life. They are always ready to help each other in order to produce the best possible game

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    Does your application appear in Google search results?

    One of the ways to market applications is by creating a website that helps promote them. If you have a website or just a landing page, you will rank better in search engines

    You cannot compete in this field without a website where your mobile app will be displayed, so you will need an experienced web programmer

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    We will help you improve the visibility of your application by providing ASO service

    ASO is the process of improving the visibility of your mobile app in the App Store (Apple App Store, Google Play).

    By using the App Store optimization strategy, you will be able to get a higher ranking so that people can find your mobile application with ease, and you will also achieve an increase in both the number of downloads and conversions.

    There are some factors that should be taken into consideration when working on application optimization (ASO) such as keywords, application name and icon, description, and screenshots taking into account the user's needs and what he is looking for when placing them.

    If you want to increase your profits through your application, you should know that the main factor for evaluating your mobile application is the user experience. If you want your application to be one of the best applications, the easiest to use, and to have an attractive and innovative user interface, you can communicate With us at Sahbi Company to improve the visibility of your application, we focus on what is important to your customers.

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    Add as much content as you need with this mobile app CMS

    The first time you create content, the process is a bit slow. But the more you add, the faster you can do it

    The more content you have, the greater your chance of being heard and spread. So a social strategy should start with a large and diverse content library

    Content Management Systems (CMS) give you the freedom to create, manage, and update content without the hassle of custom design creation. Content management systems also give you the freedom to customize content and screens while still being in control of your design

    We will enable you to use the content management system to create new content and screens that will dazzle your audience and increase their interaction

    Are you seeking to increase your profits by designing mobile applications?

    Do you want to design an online store application that helps expand your customer base and enhance your brand value with them?

    Do you want to design your own mobile app that helps you stay connected
    With your clients anytime you want, even without an internet connection?

    To increase your profits, designing and developing a mobile app for your business is a suitable solution. Sohoby company in Saudi Arabia explains to you the benefits of designing an application for iPhone and Android:​

    The most important criteria that must be met in developing and designing your own mobile application

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    It has a luxurious and attractive interface
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    It should be easy to use and navigate
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    User experience and simplicity in design
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    The application is compatible with as many types of mobile devices as possible
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    Browsing without the need to connect to the Internet is available
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    Browsing without the need to connect to the Internet is available
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    Responsive, displays correctly on any screen of any size
    social media
    Registering through social accounts makes the registration process simpler
    The possibility of reviewing and evaluating the content

    1.89 billion apps downloaded ​

    Do you know?

    It is important to create your own application because the number of mobile applications is increasing, as the number of applications downloaded in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has reached 1.89 billion in 2021.

    Imagine how much better your life would be when you could find the information you need easily and at your fingertips.

    The number of smartphone users in Saudi Arabia for the year 2020 is more than 39.53 million and the number is increasing

    This means that you really need to create and design a mobile application that specializes in you to expand your business and increase your sales

    Contact us at Sohoby Company, to get a free consultation, so that we can contribute to your success by creating your own mobile application.